Monday, 8 October 2012

XCOM preview

If I hadn't bought F1 2012 so recently (full review probably coming later this week) I'd be tempted by XCOM Enemy Unknown, which comes out on the 12th for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

The game is a turn-based strategy (TBS) and an updated version of a game from long ago (which I must admit I'd never heard of previously). It's been done by the chaps behind Civilization, which bodes well.

In XCOM Enemy Unknown the player leads the defence of Earth against an alien invasion. There are varying unit types (sniper, heavy and so on) on both your own sides and that of the dastardly aliens. Units also have multiple weapons, with more powerful ones requiring the unit to remain still for a turn. Cover also plays a role, and explosive attacks can be strong but destroy enemies and their weapons, reducing salvageable remains and thereby reducing research possibilities. Aliens can also be captured for interrogation, revealing further secrets.

Graphics look to be more functional than fantastic, and voice-acting is hard to assess (but from what I've read it's ok without being great).

In between missions (there are circa 70 with a playthrough estimated at 20 hours) the player can determine research priorities and whether to pour resources into upgrading weapons and armour or helping out countries/regions in distress.

However, most of the game will spent doing the missions which, from the videos I've seen, look like good fun. The video below features interactive gameplay which gives a decent idea of how things might work out:

With Dishonored out on the same day and The Last Of Us due out early next year I'm not sure what I'll be buying next, but I'll be keeping an eye on XCOM's reviews.


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