Friday, 5 October 2012

Red Dwarf X

Well, Dave has been banging on about the return of Red Dwarf for ages. Given Back To Earth's lacklustre reception it was perhaps surprising that series X was commissioned, but I'm glad it was (incidentally, the scutters tell me XI will be following soon).

As might be expected for a show that's migrated from the BBC to Dave there are a few differences (different outfits, new model Red Dwarf, an advert break in the middle) but it felt very much the same.

I think the live audience helps, and the jokes are pretty good. The crew are a bit older, and it shows, but the chemistry's as good as ever.

Special effects are miles better than the old series (which had charmingly ropey effects) and similar to, or maybe a bit better than, VIII. (For those wondering, it seems Back To Earth counts as season IX).

I'm not going to talk much about the plot, in case anyone hasn't seen it but plans to later, except to say that it makes rather more sense than a typical episode of New Who. Which is nice.

Probably the most notable absence is that of Holly. It's not clear whether or not either of the old Hollies or a new one will end up making an appearance/becoming a regular.

So, it was an enjoyable and amusing episode, not quite vintage but definitely worth watching, and I'm hoping the rest of the series will be as good or better.


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