Friday, 6 April 2012

My new website is up and running

And there was site, and Thaddeus saw that it was good, except for the bit that he’d forgotten to save to live but which he swiftly corrected.

After much procrastination, and some delay due to my dystechia, the official website for Thaddeus White and my books is now up. The website’s pretty simple in design, both because simplicity makes things easier to navigate and because I have all the technical and design skills of an ambisinister orangutan.

I’ll update it relatively infrequently, and use it for major updates on writing and the like. The Lore sections will be updated and amended (in a spoiler-free way) as I write more. Hopefully after people read Bane of Souls they’ll pay a visit if they want to learn a little bit more about the world.

In the short term it’ll be updated a bit more rapidly than will usually be the case, because the cover of Bane of Souls and the book itself should be making an appearance in the next couple of months.

If I’ve made any mistakes or people have any questions, please do point them out/ask them on the writing blog there (or here, if the problem is being unable to post comments on the writing blog).

I’d planned to have a section on characters, but found that writing it in a way that was informative and spoiler-free was like trying to deliberately develop Wernicke’s Aphasia, so I decided it was easier for me and better for readers, and potential readers, not to.

Anyway, I hope you like it.


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