Monday, 16 April 2012

Angry Robot now open for submissions

Publisher Angry Robot is having an open fortnight, which basically means it’s accepting straight submissions from authors without agents.

Those not familiar with the various tortures aspiring authors undergo may be unaware that it’s very hard to find an agent, and even harder to get a publisher without one. So, this is a very welcome move. Let’s hope Angry Robot finds some really good authors, which will both encourage them to run this again (I think it’s the second year they’ve done it) and help some aspiring authors get published.

The link for submission is at the link below, under How To Submit:

It’s well worth reading that page in full if you’re thinking of submitting, as there are quite a few guidelines which will answer most FAQs regarding submission.

Be aware that, given the difficulty I mentioned above, they’ll probably be swamped with submissions so it could well take a long time (maybe six months, I think) to get back to you.

Best of luck to those submitting their work.


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