Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bane of Souls cover art is done!

Really quite pleased with this. The artist is Lee Yoong from DeviantArt (http://leeyoong90.deviantart.com/), and it was unexpectedly interesting to see the cover progress from an initial sketch to the delightful picture now before you.

The process was also more collaborative than I’d imagined. It’s a bit strange because, as a writer (or soon-to-be writer) there’s tons of work but it’s all done solo.

No firm timetable for the Bane of Souls release, but my next task is a final read-through checking for spelling mistakes and the like [somewhat irritatingly my typos are fairly rare but usually quite catastrophically comic, so I really don’t want to leave many, or any, in].

Don’t forget to visit http://thaddeuswhite.weebly.com/index.html, which is my official site for all serious business relating to writing, Bane of Souls and so on.


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