Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fiddling with and adding to the blog

Whilst I'm still intending to make a dedicated website for Bane of Souls and other books I write in the future, I thought it'd also make sense to have some info here as well.

Unfortunately I have all the technical aptitude of a drunken monkey, so I'm not sure how long it'll take or precisely how much stuff I'll put up.

I might also fiddle around with the background and colours of the blog to make them a bit more personalised.

Quite a bit of writing-related work has arrived all of a sudden, as the Angry Robot submission period (16-30th April) looms ever nearer, and there's blog updating and a new website to be made. That's much much better than waiting around, however.

Anyway, I won't be putting up new updates for every little bit that goes up, but when it's finished I'll probably add a line to another article saying no more will be added for the time being. For those wondering, the new blog header picture is how I imagine the White Stag Mountains (more info in the exciting new Lore - Realms page) to look.


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