Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Outcasts: episodes 3 & 4

As before, big spoilers ahead. I’ve also read that Outcasts will now be on Mondays only, making way for Silk (courtroom drama) on Tuesdays.

I think episode 4 was the first not to be wholly or partly written by the series’ creator. By coincidence, it was also the best episode so far, in my view.

Episode 3 featured a massive whiteout (basically a sandstorm but with winds powerful enough to do serious damage to buildings and anybody out in the open). It slightly built on the burgeoning trust between Rudi (AC leader) and Fleur (PAS officer), and had a rather meaningless death of a character of no importance.

A bit disappointing, to be honest. However, I liked episode 4 more.

The 4th episode featured an AC captured just beyond the wall. He subsequently escaped and involuntarily attacked an innocent women. It turns out the AC in question (Elijah) had undergone traumatic and failed experimentation on the orders of President Tate. Fleur contacted Rudi and wanted to help him leave with Elijah, something Cass was reluctantly going along with until he found Berger trying to use the panic spread with Elijah’s escape and seemingly unknown whereabouts to manipulate Tate. In a botched effort to tranquilise Elijah, the AC ended up dead.

The conflict for loyalty Cass felt between Fleur (fellow PAS officer who he has rather a thing for) and Tate (the president) was nicely done.

Both episodes also saw the rather tedious relationship (such as it is) between Stella and Lily continue, and the slightly more interesting Berger trying to manipulate Tate, Stella, Lily and Jack.

Episode 4 ended with the discovery by Jack of what seemed to be a human jawbone from tens of thousands of years ago, throwing into doubt whether or not the Forthaven people are the first humans on Carpathia.

A bit more conflict would go down nicely.


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