Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Outcasts, episode 5

As always, spoilers ahead.

Last week, there was some tension. Although the action scene wasn’t great, the conflict of loyalty Cass felt between Fleur and Tate and the eventual consequences of Elijah’s death was good.

Or was it? Jack has apparently not been punished for killing someone without authority. Fleur appears to have forgotten/forgiven Cass for betraying her and taking a course which led to a mentally unstable man’s death.

Maybe Carpathia has a gas in the atmosphere which causes amnesia?

This week featured Patrick Baxter, a new character. Apparently, the gate isn’t guarded, because he wandered right in. And right out. And when in a gunfight you should always use a pistol or two rather than your rifle, and stand up so that the ACs (who can snipe the first nameless cast member with a single bullet but can’t hit a barn door with a banjo afterwards) get a bigger target. And the sea is so fantastically powerful it can cut (and polish) diamonds, but not erode hominid skeletons.

The chap playing Baxter was quite good. Unfortunately, that sort of thing seems to lead to a character not lasting the episode (see episode 1). After leading Cass and Fleur on a wild goose chase and showing them the ocean, he promptly croaked.

I must admit, I found the episode strangely entertaining despite the numerous flaws pointed out above. The dialogue remains less than stellar. I quite like Tate and Berger, and the last few minutes and preview for the next episode looked interesting.

The show’s moving to Sunday at 10.25pm.

I think I’ll watch it, but it’s a shame that a decent idea has been let down by plodding storylines and wooden dialogue.


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