Monday, 28 February 2011

Outcasts, episode 6

As always, spoilers ahead.

After the tantalising end of episode 5, when Berger was revealed to be in contact with another space vessel and clearly shown to be aiming at the removal of Tate from power, episode 6 decided to ignore that almost completely.

A trio of XPs never before mentioned or seen had gone missing. One returned, wounded, and stated that the ACs had attacked her. However, there was something creepy about her, and she ended up being detained.

Meanwhile, a pair of ACs ordered by Rudi, their leader, to take out XP commander Jack “precisely” adopted a unique and challenging definition of that word. They began by killing a power station worker and then switching off Forthaven’s power, which rather alerted everyone to the presence of intruders. After this, they managed to miss Jack and kill another XP, rather predictably.

The power loss somehow opened the secure door to the female XP’s cell, and she strode off, found her kids and wandered out of the front door of the colony.

However, a rather more human version of the missing female XP appeared, prompting much confusion. Fortunately, the kids ended up safe.

The dialogue still needs sorting out. The story was reasonably coherent, but the doppelganger was not explained, beyond the suggestion of alien influence. It’s a bit irksome, because there are a number of potentially good storylines but they all seem to lack excitement or a satisfying conclusion. Mitchell was great, but got shot in episode 1, the terribly deadly whiteout led to the death of Token Gay Guy, and the clone was unexplained in the most recent episode.

Oh well. I shall persevere, and it’s worth recalling that sometimes the first series can be ropey (Blackadder, for example).


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