Thursday, 10 January 2019

Sale of books and videogames

Hey, kids. Despite being a hoarder, I need room and have some stuff that is otherwise heading to charity/the bin. Normally I’d probably just send it straight to charity, but my own finances are in a state similar to the Colossus of Rhodes after the earthquake, so I’ve decided to see if any Persons of the Internet would be interested (UK only, I’m afraid, as others’ postage would be excessive).

Prices include postage. If you know me elsewhere do feel free to get in contact that way. Otherwise, leaving a comment here with contact info or getting in touch on Twitter (@MorrisF1) would be best.

I’ll send a pic or two of items to those who are interested in buying so you can see for yourself what state it’s in. If you want to buy a few things at once, discounts may be possible.

Payment must be via PayPal and, as mentioned, this is UK only.

Books (£4 unless otherwise noted, enquire about trilogies specifying if you want 1, 2 or all 3):
Top Gear, the Alternative Highway Code
David Gunn, Death’s Head/Maximum Offence (1-2 in a series)
Mona Lisa Overdrive
Path of Honor, Fate, Blood (complete trilogy in 3 volumes) - SOLD
Terry Goodkind, Wizards’ First Rule
Harris, Hannibal Lecter Omnibus £6 [bit weighty]
Story of the Stone, Volume I
Chris Evans, Call the Midlife
Brent Weeks, Night Angel Trilogy
Swainston, The Year of Our War
Grimwood, Pashazade
The Scar, Mieville

Videogames (£6 unless otherwise specified):
Shadow of Mordor, PS4 (£10)
Dragon’s Dogma, PS3
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, PS2
007 Agent Under Fire, PS2
Medal of Honor: Frontline, PS2
Disgaea 3, PS3
F1 2010, PS3
F1 2012, PS3
DA: Origins, PS3
DA: Inquisition, PS3
Uncharted 2, PS3
Assassin’s Creed II, PS3
Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War, PS3

If you have any queries do leave a comment or get in touch another way.


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