Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Why BCE/CE is nonsense, and why it matters.

I was recently eyeing up a history book (as a future purchase probably next year) when I saw in the sample it used BCE. After a little thought I decided to not bother with it on that basis.

BCE and CE are politically correct revisionist terms, standing for Before Common Era and Common Era. They correspond directly to BC and AD (Before Christ and Anno Domini, which means The Year Of Our Lord). So, 97BC is 97BCE and 1456AD is 1456CE.

It’s an abjectly pointless change. Who has asked for it? Jews, Muslims, the Chinese and others all have their own calendars. Nobody has asked for those to change or taken some sort of offence, and I don’t think anyone has for the Christian calendar either.

The ‘Common Era’ did not begin by a group of people sitting around a campfire singing folk songs and holding hands. It’s dated from the approximate birth of Jesus. Attempting to airbrush this out of the calendar is a nonsense.

It’s also very depressing that a historian would diminish respect for the past by imposing an unasked for and unnecessary revision based on a politically correct worldview.

This video (nothing to do with me, I hasten to add) sums it up rather well. I saw it a week or two before the history.

Amending history as new evidence comes to light due to scientific and archaeological advancement is shining light on the darkness of our past. Imposing politically correct dogma on the past veils the truth with nebulous nonsense. The Western calendar is dated from the approximate birth of Jesus. Pretending otherwise is derisory, and historians should know better.


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