Sunday, 10 March 2013

Three Works-in-Progress

At the risk of suggesting I've suddenly become productive, I've got three works-in-progress (WIP) at the moment. I know the blog tends to be about reviews and musings, and more serious stuff is left for my site ( but given writing is why blogging has been lighter of late I thought I'd go into them, briefly.

First up is Journey to Altmortis. It will be a stand-alone novel of approximately the same size of Bane of Souls, and set in the same world. There will be some character overlap (mostly minor characters), and will be largely set in the Kuhrland. It has a slightly darker flavour and, because of the setting (the Kuhrisch hate magic), less magic. 

For a while now I've had the vague target of the first half of this year for its release, and I'm hopeful that it will indeed be out in the next month or two. I'm currently in the latter stages of the final 'real' redraft (after that's done I will read through it again to check continuity and for typos and the like). The maps done for the book can be found here.

The second work is something I was unsure of, at first. It's a short comedy, for which I have an approximate target of 20-40,000 words. Although still fantasy it's set in an entirely different world to Bane of Souls and Journey to Altmortis, and is currently untitled.

It's my intention to get this done and published this year. Weirdly, comedy seems an utterly different beast to serious stuff. For my other books writing can be easy or hard, but when hard it's possible to work through it. Comedy appears to only have two settings: easy and fun, and impossible.

Last, and I very much hope not least, is a trilogy which will be set in the same world as my two serious books. Building the plot, world and characters is probably going to take some time, and part of the reason for writing the comedy is to keep my writing from going rusty and to reduce the wait between Altmortis and the next book. Although I'm planning the plot for all three books together they will be released one at a time.

No date in mind, but I do plan to offer a free Regency Edition, which will include half of the first book. The trilogy will revolve around a civil war, and the Regency Edition will include all the relevant parts from the perspective of the Regent, and his allies.

So, if you liked Bane of Souls there's much more on the way for you to enjoy.


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