Friday, 9 March 2018

Review: Angel’s Knight, by AJ Grimmelhaus

Angel’s Knight is the third book in the Angelwar Trilogy. Naturally, there will be some spoilers for the preceding books (reviews here for book 1 and here for book 2).

The story follows immediately on from the events of the preceding book, with Tol and Stetch in hot pursuit of the captive Katarina. Elsewhere, a traitor from within the Seven is picking off its knights, and Tol is uncertain just who he can trust.

The writing style is, as you would expect, similar to the other books. Fast-paced, some nice lines to add a sense of realism/humanity, although there were a small number of errors which I hadn’t seen in the earlier books (nothing huge).

I have mixed views about the plot twists. One felt less weighty than it should have because those involved had had relatively little time, particularly in the last book. Another was out of the blue but I felt it worked for that reason (and the nature of the surprise fit well).

I did like the ending, which I shan’t spoil. The ending itself capped both the book and the trilogy nicely.


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