Friday, 14 July 2017

Traitor’s Prize discounted for pre-order!

In quite literally fantastic news, Traitor’s Prize, the second book in The Bloody Crown Trilogy and sequel to Kingdom Asunder, is available for pre-order now.

It’ll come out on the 28th of July, and in the pre-order period (and for the first week of release) is priced at the monkishly humble pittance of US$2.99. Less than a coffee, less than bus fare, but brimming with lashings of bloodshed and treachery, backstabbing and betrayal, brothers-in-arms and family loyalty (or not, perhaps).

The story follows immediately on from the events of Kingdom Asunder, which, if you don’t already have it, has had its price slashed to just 0.99c (but only during the pre-order period of Traitor’s Prize, so now is the perfect time to snap it up).

The plot twists and turns like a pole-dancing anaconda, and is as dark and menacing as a psychopathic honey badger.

Traitor’s Prize purchase links: 

I’ve sent out some feelers for reviews already, and if you’re interested in an ARC do get in touch (@MorrisF1 on Twitter) and I’m sure we can arrange something.


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