Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Traitor’s Prize cover reveal

Traitor’s Prize, the sequel to Kingdom Asunder, will be out later this month. It’s the second part of The Bloody Crown Trilogy, and follows immediately on from the events of the first book.

As you can tell, I have gone for maximum subtlety on the cover.

The story is the middle portion of the ruthless, bloody and sly battle for the Kingdom of Denland, warred over by the rival Penmere and Esden families. Treachery abounds, nobles manoeuvre for advantage, and armies line up to wreak carnage upon their enemies. But it’s the smiler with the knife who makes the nobles tremble...

If you haven’t bought Kingdom Asunder yet, now’s the perfect time as (prior to the release of Traitor’s Prize), the price has been reduced to 0.99.

There will be an announcement of pre-order very soon, so keep your eyes peeled. During the pre-order period, Traitor’s Prize will be available at a substantial discount.


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