Saturday, 4 February 2017

A delicious new serial

In my ongoing bid to afford luxuries such as food, shelter, and the works of Titus Livy, as well as trying to release more books this year I’m also going to write a serial.

The idea would be to release it monthly, usually for 99p/c (occasionally free). E-books make this sort of thing much easier to do, the low price point should be attractive and the regular nature will, hopefully, help keep readers engaged.

The idea I have is for a mish-mash of Robin Hood and Ancient China, following a number of heroes but focusing on two called Wandering Phoenix and Roaming Tiger.

What I want to do is get a plan for the first twelve parts initially outlined and get at least the first few actually written prior to releasing part one. The style will be inspired by Outlaws of the Marsh, my favourite of the Ancient Chinese classics I’ve read. So, expect a heavy dose of action and plot twists, and light description.

My main focus this year remains getting Traitor’s Prize finished and released (incidentally, Kingdom Asunder’s paperback will hopefully be ready in a week or two) but there are necessarily waiting periods and sometimes taking a break can help see things with fresh eyes. So, when that happens and I don’t have anything else on, I’ll be working on Wandering Phoenix and Roaming Tiger’s adventures. A release date will depend both on getting enough written and when Traitor’s Prize is ready (I don’t want to release them too close together). I’ve done about two-fifths of the planning, so I’d guess Q2 or Q3 will be a likely release for the first part, but I’ll be sure to bang on about it ahead of time.

Of course, if you can’t wait that long and/or want something with a more Polish flavour, you can pre-order Journeys for 99p. Not only does it have stories by Adrian Tchaikovsky, John Gywnne et al., it also includes Black Sails, by me.


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