Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel – out now

At the risk of sounding industrious, my second book in a fortnight is now out.

The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel is a horror anthology in which I have a short story (Forget Me Not). There are 13 stories, each by a different author, each set in a different room of Lake Manor Hotel.

Here’s the blurb:
13 Rooms. 13 Guests. 13 Stories.

It's been over a hundred and fifty years since a plague ravaged the area around Lake Manor. With few left to bury them, the corpses were unceremoniously dumped into the lake by their surviving loved ones.

Years later, Lake Manor Hotel is alive with the shadows of the dead. Within the hotel's 13 rooms, there are 13 tales to tell. Guests will face evil demons, ghosts, creatures from the lake, and the worst monsters of all: the ones within themselves.

13 will check in, but how many will check out?

The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel can be bought here in the UK [where it’s currently #7 on the Anthology-Horror list], and here in the US, as e-books. The paperback is to follow shortly, for those of you who prefer physical copies.

And, if you prefer a lighter tone, don’t forget to check out the escapades of Sir Edric and his trusty manservant Dog in The Adventures of Sir Edric.


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