Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Fantastical music

The Adventures of Sir Edric came out about a week ago, and The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel is out in six days (pre-order here), so the time is right for a musical interlude.

I don’t always listen to music when writing, but when I do it’s often fantastical stuff. Soundtracks from films and videogames, as well as classical and rock music, and so forth.

One of my favourites, which is also the track for an excellent part of The Fellowship of the Ring, is The Bridge of Khazad Dum.

Dragon Age 2’s best song was saved until the end (Rogue Heart):

Dragon Age: Inquisition has some excellent bard music. One of the best songs is the rather sad Once We Were.

The Witcher 3’s got a great soundtrack, including Leo’s Farewell.

A few tunes spring to mind for Sir Edric (Brahms’ Hungarian Dance number 5, Rossini’s William Tell Overture), but Offenbach’s Can-Can music (technically, Orpheus-Quadrille Op.236), is probably the most fitting.

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