Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Journey to Altmortis is now up on Amazon

Yes, the little delay is over and I’m delighted to say that Journey to Altmortis, a tale of plunder and revenge, is now out on Amazon (I believe it’s only the Anglophone sites right now, but non-English sites should follow in the next day or two).

The price tag is an incredibly low $2.99 (£1.98), although I would remind readers that until the 14th if you buy through Smashwords and use the code XK87G you can get it for a positively criminal $1.02.

So, please do buy it, tell your friends, tweet, rate and review it.

I also hope you like the map, which proved a bit fiddly to put in, but next time (well, the time after next, the comedy will probably not have one) it should be much easier. A bigger version can be found on my website under the Artwork tab (http://thaddeuswhite.weebly.com/artwork.html). Click on them for an enormous version. (I did the map almost entirely myself, but I must thank Yoong, my cover artist, who helped out with the background).

Word of mouth and reviewing books really helps authors, both in terms of getting noticed and finding out what people like and didn’t like.

Although I obviously enjoy reading positive reviews more than negative ones, when people raise areas for improvement that hopefully means I’ll be able to take their thoughts on board and make the next book(s) better.


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