Friday, 22 February 2013

Support Bane of Souls and other independent books

Good news! The Dacia Sandero There's a new piece up on the Guardian website by a fellow called Damien Walter, in which he's hunting for five great independently published works of sci-fi (sci-fi being taken in a broad way to include fantasy and horror).

The article is here: and whilst I'd particularly ask those who enjoyed Bane of Souls to comment and say so I'd also strongly encourage anybody reading this who's read a good self-published work to do the same.

If you did like Bane of Souls but don't want to spend the time signing up to the Guardian comment system you can instead click here ( to read my post nominating Bane of Souls and just click 'recommend'.
One of the biggest challenges self-published/independent authors face is getting noticed, particularly regarding coverage from big media organisations. It's all very well writing a masterpiece of twists and turns but the book market is enormous and it's easy to become just a drop in a very large ocean.

This sort of initiative, for which Mr. Walter deserves great credit, can help to increase the chances of some good coverage for independent authors.

So, whether it's Bane of Souls or another self-published book, please do read the article and recommend what you enjoyed.   


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