Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Physical self-publishing?

To date, my plans on self-publishing have been entirely electronic. I never considered getting a physical version of Bane of Souls (available at all good e-book retailers), and won't for Journey to Altmortis.

However, I am thinking of doing it in the more distant future. Not for a short comedy I'm planning to slot in between Altmortis and the subsequent trilogy (unlike Bane of Souls, Altmortis and the trilogy the comedy will be set in an entirely separate world), but perhaps for the trilogy. If I like the results there's an off-chance I'll release a combined version of Bane of Souls and Journey to Altmortis in a single physical volume.

As a reader, I never really saw the point of physical versions of self-published books. My free space is now almost zero and the convenience and speed of an e-book is hard to beat. For fantasy, whether self- or traditionally published, I almost always buy electronic versions.

However, not everybody thinks the same way, and if I had more room I might consider buying the odd (especially good) fantasy in physical format.

On the Goodreads Indie Book Club, of which I'm a member, I found a useful link to a chap's blog post, which has some handy numbers on self-publishing:

Anyway, I thought I'd make this post in case anyone was wondering about the prospect of a print version. Possibly, but not for Journey to Altmortis. Yet.


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