Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dragon Age 3 confirmed

After a lot of speculation Dragon Age 3 has formally been confirmed:

The subtitle, which had been one of several doing the rounds, will be Inquisition. As was very widely expected, the action will take place in Orlais, the faux French kingdom west of Kirkwall and north of Ferelden. 

As expected (and pretty much necessitated by the end of DA2) the game will feature the chantry being torn apart as mages and templars go at each other's throats and refuse to acknowledge the chantry's authority.

According to the info the game's been in production for 2 years already and is expected late in 2013. Hopefully the much longer turn around time than DA2 had will see a superior quality game. Apparently the world will be more expansive, there will be more customisation (I'd love the chance to play as a Qunari but would be surprised if that's an option) and more 'reactivity' to player choices.

Of course, we'll have to wait and see how it turns out. DA2 had some good elements (the Qunari were a rare case of retconning improving things and the voice acting remained of a high standard) but it was clearly rushed. There was little variation to areas, with the vast majority simply copy and pasted. Likewise, the story lacked a central theme or sense of direction.

I like Dragon Age, so hopefully Inquisition will be a great RPG.


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