Friday, 24 February 2012

Slightly light blogging

I’ve been working hard (well, working) on redrafting the old book I’ll be submitting to Angry Robot. In fact, I’ve not read anything except for a few pages of Gibbon for quite a while. So, I’ve not really had time to think of fantastically exciting things of which to blog.

Anyway, I’ve almost finished the text stuff, and then there’s just (ha) the synopsis and cover letter to do, I think.

I should be done with the donkey work of the submission in the next few days, and hopefully I’ll have some more stuff to read and maybe even interesting things to blog then.


PS I’m never sure whether or not this sort of thing comes across as taking the piss. Writing ‘I have no time to write anything’ is a bit like turning up for work, proclaiming I’m too ill to work, and then leaving.

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