Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Skyrim Q&A

There’s lots of info, and I’ve sifted out the bits I thought were most interesting.

Character creation includes scars and face paint, along with all the other stuff which sounds like a superior version of the Oblivion creator. In fantastic news, every race has a light and heavy build, and it sounds like you can pick something in between as well.

Body armour is done as in Oblivion, save that the upper and lower armour (ie torso and trousers) are now one. So, helmet, gloves, boots are all separate and distinct from the main armour.

Sounds like there are some unique/special items, with Daedric artefacts singled out.

No spears, and armour is light or heavy, there’s no medium option.

It’s possible to get married and own homes, make friends and go adventuring with your mate.

Races are differentiated (besides appearance) by different starting skills, passive abilities and starting spells. Speed and encumbrance (what you can carry) are the same for all races, with the latter based on stamina. There are separate male and female animations, and the beast races (Argonian, Orc and Khajiit) now have some specific animations.

Tavern brawls are included (they’re non-lethal).

Dragons can do lasting damage, but events such as destroying buildings are relatively rare.

Last but very much not least: you can continue after concluding the main storyline, as in Oblivion.

The full 25 questions and answers can be found here:


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