Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Dr Who Preview and Trailer

Yes, I’ve resorted to stealing ideas from Mr. Burdett, not unlike Davros stealing the Hand of Omega (only without the dreams of universal domination, genocide and unlimited rice pudding). Obviously, there are spoilers in the trailer itself and the bit below it.

Rather a good trailer, with plenty of interesting hints and some more obvious shots of various villains. I love the Weeping Angels, but I hope they don’t get overused.

River Song appears to either be the creepy eye-patch lady or plan to impersonate her.

The cybermen (still the New Who ones rather than the Mondas ones, alas) make a reappearance. Hopefully this is for a reason beyond getting massacred, as happened in the last episode.

The Silence are back.

The strange beast creature reminds me a bit of the description of the Royal Beast of Peladon in The Curse of Peladon. It was an old serial (Jon Pertwee was the Doctor). I never actually saw it, but did have the book.

As has been widely trailed, Adolf Hitler (whose life is apparently saved the Doctor et al.) features. I wonder if they’ll end up making a Downfall spoof of the meeting on Youtube.

There are quite a few creepy doll-like/automaton creatures, reminiscent of (but distinct to) the clockwork robots.

Guest stars include James Corden, and Daniel Mays (I think) who played the diabolical Keats in the final Ashes to Ashes series.

So, it looks pretty good, and is due to return in a little over a month. The psycho-dolls, Silence and Weeping Angels suggest (to me anyway) that we might see some darker episodes, like the excellent two-parter that opened the series.


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