Monday, 14 March 2011

Outcasts, episode 8

The last episode aired last night. Bit of a shame really. The central premise (a lone colony on a new world, struggle for survival etc) is absolutely fine, but it was hampered throughout by clunky dialogue and gaping holes in logic.

The finale had some good bits in. Fleur being an AC was a credible twist, and Berger’s political shenanigans were reasonably well done. However, the latter was hindered by the fact that the council had never before been seen and there was no reaction shown to any of Tate’s problems (such as when it was revealed he’d ordered the ACs killed).

The use of DNA through the air was a bit puzzling. I don’t have an A-level in biology, but given that sound waves are just vibrations whereas DNA is a physical structure it seemed rather a stretch. Almost as odd was the fact that nobody seemed to make the A-T, G-C connection until the sound waves had been going on for a while.

The ending (the ship Berger had been in contact with throughout landing) obviously teed a second series up, but there was no announcement of a return next year. So, it’s either definitely not returning or possibly not returning.

Sometimes a series can dramatically improve (the first Blackadder series had some good bits but was not a patch on the second series), but Outcasts would need some changes and the nod from the BBC decision-makers.

If it were up to me, here are a few changes I’d consider making:

Retcon Mitchell’s death. Have it be a Noisy One (the unseen aliens), and have Mitchell return.

Sharpen up the dialogue.

Mystery is like a skirt. A little is intriguing, but the more there is the lower the interest of the viewer. Cut the unanswered questions.

Get a science chap to scan the scripts. DNA (should that be RNA, as it involves viral genetics?) travelling through sound waves, an ancient skeleton half-buried with the sea washing over it and so on stretch credibility.

Hugely increase the number of gunfights and build up a secondary cast, some of which can be developed and others of which can be culled in the inevitable AC/Forthaven/New Ship conflicts.

Anyway, I suspect we won’t see a second series. It’d be nice if we did, and there were some improvements.

I think the next sci-fi on TV is Dr Who, at some point in spring. For those with Sky Atlantic, the TV series of A Game of Thrones is due to begin in April of this year.


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