Wednesday, 16 March 2011

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Time for a bit of a rambly general update.

I’m shelving my plans to release an e-Book. I’m still going to work on it, but for a variety of reasons I’ve struggled to get much done recently.

Given the release and drumming up a readership for it were the initial reasons for blogging, I’m going to change the nature of the blog a bit. I’ll still post about fantasy/sci-fi as well as history and science, but might write on a wider range of topics. I imagine it’ll be updated a little less often.

Anyway there are two unrelated things I want to mention. Firstly, there’s no Black Lung Captain review yet because I’ve been reading it pretty slowly. Nothing wrong with the book, but I’ve been spending far too much time on ye olde PS3, and some pain in my neck makes reading a little less pleasant than it ought to be.

On Dragon Age 2 and the freezing issue: this seems to affect a minority of PS3 copies of the game, with varying frequency. (I do have the problem but it happens, on average, about once every 6-8 hours which is far less often than some others). I lurk on the Bioware forums and it’s been suggested that turning off auto-save and perhaps not importing an Origins backstory may help. If you have multiple platforms I’d get it for another system, or if you have a PS3 connected to the net it may be worth waiting a little while until a patch comes out. Given this was a major and well-known issue with Origins it’s frankly unimpressive that the new game suffers similarly.

I’ve completed the game as a diplomatic mage (Lady Hawke), and am presently playing two games as the evil Severus and the charming Tatyana. When I’ve finished with those characters I’ll post a proper review.


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