Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Adventures of Sir Edric – first reviews

The first two reviews for my forthcoming fantasy-comedy, The Adventures of Sir Edric (releases in just under a week), have come through (several more are expected in the next couple of weeks). I’ll add these to the Reviews tab above, but as release is near I’ll also post short blog articles adverting readers to new reviews.

Quite pleased, as the current ratings are “I’m obsessed” and “9/10”. So, if you’re considering buying The Adventures of Sir Edric but are unsure if it’ll be your cup of tea, check the reviews and see what you think.

Here are the first two reviews:

"He is far from perfect and he does not strive to be perfect. However, despite all these flaws, you can’t help but root for him. Dog as well. The two play off each other perfectly. Dog has morales, but is unwavering in his service to Edric, and often does most of the fighting and saving. It makes his character as interesting and important as Edric himself."

"So overall, if you’re looking for humor, an unwholesome character, and a great adventure, I highly recommend this book."

"The Adventures of Sir Edric is a well written, well-paced story, set in a colorful, well-planned world.  If you haven’t read too much comic fantasy (like me), this is a great book to start with.  But bring some tissue… you’re gonna laugh ‘til you cry!"

The limited edition hardback can be pre-ordered here,

[Initial release will be the hardback and e-book, but no pre-order for the e-book, as yet].


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