Thursday, 10 September 2015

777 Writer’s Game

Yesterday I was tagged by LK Evans, author of Keepers of Arden, to take part in the 777Writer’s Game.

The premise is simply to post 7 lines from a page number ending in 7 from a WIP (work-in-progress), and then tag 7 other writers to take part.

Picking which WIP was a bit tricky, as I’ve technically got three large ones on the go. I went for Sir Edric’s Kingdom, which isn’t quite done and won’t be out for a while (it’s the third of his adventures, with Temple and Treasure due for a release in early 2016). Hard picking which bit to use too, as it’s a bit longer and less episodic than the first two, and I didn’t want to give away plot points.

Anyway, here’s the excerpt:

“Good idea,” Sir Edric agreed. “You do that, and I’ll occupy myself getting thoroughly drunk.”

“That might dishearten the men, sir.”

Sir Edric popped his cork and took a long swig. “Dog, half the men already lack stomach, guts, spines and brains. One fewer organ won’t make any difference to their life expectancy.”

“Nevertheless, sir, I do have in mind a perhaps better use of the wine.”

Sir Edric lowered the bottle and raised his eyebrow. “A better use for wine? Unless there’s a foxy redhead around here you want to get squiffy, I find that hard to believe.”

My septet of tagged victims are:

I look forward to seeing what excerpts my seven tagged persons post.


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