Sunday, 13 April 2014

Announcement: Malevolence – Tales From Beyond The Veil

Exciting news, readers. My first traditionally published story will be released as part of the forthcoming ghost story anthology Malevolence – Tales from Beyond the Veil, which includes 23 phantastic tales.

Amongst the other authors are Toby Frost (whose books I've reviewed on this blog, as well as doing a couple of interviews), Ian Whates and Stephen Palmer, as well as the very talented Jo Zebedee, J Scott Marryat and fellow F1 enthusiast Ken O'Brien.

The book will be released in late May. The pre-order price (print) is £7.99, compared to the post-release price of £9.49, so do pre-order directly from the publisher, Tickety Boo Press.

You can also save money if you buy a bundle of 3, buying Malevolence together with After Midnight by Joseph Rubas and Goblin Moon (Mask and Dagger 1) by Teresa Edgerton (all 3 cost £21 if pre-ordered compared to the normal combined price of £28.47).

Saxon & Khan is the title of my own small piece of Malevolence, and is both the first ghost story and the first tale set in the real world I've written. I'm also reasonably confident it's the only ghost story to have a budgerigar called Gandhi in it.


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