Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New reviews
Ahem, I’ve been a bit lax updating ye olde review list. So, I shall fix this now.

Journey to Altmortis: Edric’s Temple:

This very day a new review of Sir Edric’s Temple has been posted by Jo Michaels, giving it a score of 5/5. Here’s a brief excerpt:
“I can't tell you how many times I laughed while reading this book. Sir Edric's inner monologue will have you rolling on the floor while understanding this is probably what 9/10 of the male population is thinking at any given point in time.”

Incidentally, the above sites are all good sources for regular reviews, and (as mentioned in the review), Jo Michaels’ blog will have reviews of many independent authors you might not otherwise have stumbled across. This is a very good initiative and will hopefully help authors (including me) get a higher profile, as well as helping readers find good but lesser known writers.

Right now I’m working on Kingdom Asunder (set in the Bane of Souls/Journey to Altmortis world) and have some vague ideas of more misadventures for Sir Edric and Dog in the future.

So, if you got some money/Amazon codes for Christmas, why not give Journey to Altmortis and Sir Edric’s Temple a try?


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