Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Sir Edric’s Temple, now in glorious physical format!

Good news!

Sir Edric’s Temple has been granted premium status at Smashwords, which means it’s now available from Barnes & Noble, Diesel and Apple. It should also become available at Kobo in due course.

In perhaps even more exciting news, Sir Edric’s Temple is now available in ye olde physical format (via Lulu). It will eventually (after 8 weeks or so) ship to Amazon, but do not wait for that. Not only will it take about 2 months, the cost (because of the discounting I’ve set up) will be about £2 more. It’ll cost £6.97 at Amazon, but is just £4.88 at Lulu (Lulu does charge for shipping, which negates much of the difference, but I’ll still make more per copy with Lulu than I will from Amazon).

So, if you were having difficulty deciding what to buy someone (or even yourself) for Christmas, worry no more and enjoy this rollicking tale of cowardice, adultery, and treachery!





  1. I think you are being unfair to your hero, who is actually quite brave in a reluctant sort of way and is only over the side because his missus is away and he is scared by his rapidly approaching middle age. He is however, cunning, devious and delightfully treacherous.

    I have place an order on Lulu for my copies. Lulu guarantee to delivery before 24th December, I hope they do better than that because I have ordered them as Christmas presents for friends and need to get the distributed.

  2. P.S. Meant to ask this before, who did the art work for the cover? They have done a spiffing job and captured the essence of the character as I see him (though maybe he should have had a moustache)

  3. Sir Edric's only brave when it's less dangerous than being cowardly.

    I ordered a proof and it took something like a week to come, I think. The book's pretty nice and I'm glad the setup (margins etc) seem to work well. Actually, I need to order another proof because I made a tiny difference (when modifying a file I accidentally deleted the copyright of the artwork).

    Yoong did the cover, she's the same artist who did Bane of Souls and Journey to Altmortis. I was really pleased how it turned out.