Sunday, 18 August 2013

Blog changes

I’ve been thinking of making some pretty substantial changes to the way I blog. This is very much a personal blog at the moment, and as such I do wander from topic to topic (though lack of free time has led to a slight decline in the number of reviews and articles).

However, I’ve become somewhat frustrated with the difficulty of building up a profile so that potential readers who enjoy fantasy find out about my books and then have the option to try the sample or buy them.
So, as well as continuing to write intermittent articles for the Chrons, I’m thinking of cutting away some of the fat from the blog, adding more writing-related information and writing less frequently, but hopefully higher quality articles about writing, fantasy and so on.

I’m not going to change the address of this blog or anything like that, but I do intend to change the content. Hopefully this well help me drum up a bit of traffic, increase my profile a bit and likewise sales.


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