Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Journey to Altmortis Review and my first Chrons article

Delighted to say that Journey to Altmortis has another review. It’s got a pair of 5* ratings on Amazon’s UK site, and now Bella of Boom Baby Reviews has offered her thoughts.

It gets 4*, and whilst (as always) it was nicer to read about what she liked it was probably more instructive to learn what she thought could be improved. The secondary cast seems to have got a big thumbs up (I thought Roger would go over well, and Anja’s also been praised via Twitter).

I’ll link to this review both on my website and in the Review tab on this blog.

As well as that, I’ve got my first article for SFF Chronicles (Chrons, for short), published. Reading Sean McGlynn’s By Sword and Fire (review here) got me thinking about the comparison between grimdark and the reality of yesteryear (or even today).

I actually bought By Sword and Fire because, as well as sounding interesting by itself, I wanted to get the level of mercy and brutality right for Kingdom Asunder, the title of the first instalment in my forthcoming trilogy (no ETA except that it definitely won’t be this year as the first draft hasn’t even been started yet). In that regard it proved very useful.

Anyway, I hope you like the review (and buy Journey to Altmortis if you haven’t yet) and find the article interesting.


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