Tuesday, 16 April 2013

No new DLC for Skyrim

As the title states, there shall be no more DLC for Skyrim. This is slightly surprising as there were quite a lot of rumours about a new, sizeable DLC entitled Redguard. However, Bethesda has said clearly they're leaving Skyrim (save for minor patches and the like) for pastures new. The likelihood is that they'll be working on Fallout 4.

There are 3 DLC options open for Skyrim: Dawnguard, Hearthfire (a mini-DLC) and Dragonborn, which is the largest (I think). Being against DLC generally, and having a dodgy/slow PS3 internet connection, I haven't downloaded them. However, I am hoping that the news that there won't be any more DLC means that we might get a Game of the Year Edition which has the original game plus all DLC included (total DLC cost is circa £30, so if we do get a GOTY edition then that'll probably be £20 and something of a saving).

Patch 1.9 was recently out for the PS3, and enables the Legendary/Suicidal difficulty setting. I've played a couple of hours as a sneaky Khajiit murderer and must say that it's pretty tough. Two examples of what I mean:
1) In the very first fight my one-handed skill increased twice, to 22, because it took so many hits to kill my foes.
2) I very nearly got killed by three wolves on the road. Wolves, by Talos!

Anyway, it'd be nice to get a full version of Skyrim. Not sure if I'll buy it (I decided against Dragon's Dogma's bigger version, Dark Arisen, which comes out on the 26th of this month).



  1. I thoroughly enjoyed Skyrim and was intending to buy the Dragonborn DLC when it came out. I went back to the game to brush up on my skills having decided to go into the DLC with my greatsword-swinging Nord rather than my sneaky Khajiit (who to be frank had become so over-powered as to become tedious to play). Well, after a couple of sessions I remembered why I had stopped playing - once you have your character beyond a certain point the game is just too repetitive. I mean there are only so many times when you kick the door in shout "Ya'll know what this is" and proceed to slaughter everything in sight before it becomes boring. So I never did buy the DLC.

    Maybe this new patch, I assume it is available for the PC, will help breathe some life into the game.

    I look forward to Fallout 4 though (version 3 and Las Vegas were a blast). Did they give any hint on timescale?

    All in all I find the game market very thin at the moment. Dishonoured was great, but next to no replay value. Far Cry 3 was even better but again no replay, though I really did try. Away from FPS/Adventure games the situation is even worse, has there been a good strategy game released in years or a good simulation? Maybe the cost to produce games is just so high these days that nobody is prepared to take a risk and do something original and even the remakes takes years to produce (I see Thief 4 is not due out until sometime in 2014).

  2. Part of the reason I never had a high level character (about 32 was the highest I got) was that reason. It just became too easy.

    The Legendary difficulty is there to download, with patch 1.9, for every machine.

    No idea as to timescale. A few years would be my guess.

    Mechanically, I thought Fallout 3 was better than Oblivion, but the world lacked charm and, to be honest, bored me a little. Too much brown, and I disliked the way the main quest ended.

    I haven't played New Vegas.

    Dragon Age 3 is still due out this year, although details have been absolutely minimal. I think more will be revealed at E3 (not sure when that is, probably a monty or two). The Last of Us is out in the next couple of months.

    For strategy, have you tried XCOM: Enemy Unknown? Valkyria Chronicles is also enjoyable (though with less replay value).

  3. Hey, Mr Thaddeus, did you ever get around to playing Dishonoured? I can't remember. If you did I have just discovered that there is some DLC for it. Looks pretty good:


  4. *cough* I wrote a review on it, which, er, you commented on:

    The premise of the DLC does look interesting (I watched the first 5 minutes). However, if I have cash to spare I'll be going for something new (or a massive expansion, if we get a Skyrim GOTY I'll check to see roughly how big the included DLC is).

    I agree with you entirely that Dishonored's replay value seems pretty low. I mostly enjoyed playing it but had no real desire to revisit it.

  5. Er, about Thief 4... this may disappoint you:

    Never played a Thief game, but as a Metal Gear Solid player I was pretty surprised and disappointed to hear that David Hayter has been axed.