Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Skyrim DLC: Hearthfire

There's a new piece of Skyrim DLC shortly forthcoming. Unfortunately, like Dawnguard, it will be out at least 30 days later for the PC and PS3 than for the Xbox 360.
Hearthfire's a dinky but cool-sounding nugget of DLC, which allows a player to buy a plot of land and then design his own house. It appears that there'll be a wide range of options for customising your pad (adding wings, hiring a bard, personal cart-driver, cultivating land etc etc).

It reminds me a little of Tenchu 2, which I played quite some years ago. In it, you could design your own levels. It was actually pretty fantastic, and as user-friendly as Lego, so hopefully this DLC will be just as enjoyable and easy.

However, I'm still not sold on DLC. This is a cool little feature, but I fail to see why it couldn't be included in the main game. Secondly, Dawnguard is still not out for the PS3. The delay is prolonged, and one wonders whether Hearthfire will be out for the console at the same time as the PC version.


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