Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Music: Taylor Davis

Regular readers will know I'm quite into the sounds of videogames, in terms of both voice-acting and music.

There are quite a lot of good covers of themes to be found on Youtube (the piano cover of Skyrim's theme by Taioo stands out, for example) and one of my favourite such artists is Taylor Davis (aka Violin Tay).
She's released an album and a number of singles, which can be purchased from a variety of retailers as well as through her own site:

So, if you're a fan of videogame soundtracks and/or violins why not do some downloading? The video below includes some brief samples of the various tracks (from 1:50 in), which should be enough to decide whether or not a track would be to your liking. [On an unrelated note, I'd forgotten how good the Zanarkand theme was, possibly because my overriding memory of FFX is what an annoying little shit Tidus is].


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