Sunday, 17 June 2012

Thaddeus enters the Amazon

Bane of Souls is now for sale at Amazon!

Unlike other retailers, where it will be automatically distributed by Smashwords, I opted to publish directly on Amazon. This is because there's a slight technical delay (the two firms are working on integrating distribution, I think) and I didn't want to have several weeks or months between Bane of Souls being out at most retailers and Amazon.

The layout of the book is pretty much identical to the Smashwords version (you can buy a wide variety of formats at Smashwords, including a Kindle version) although it's probably a bit more convenient if you're into Kindle because it can be downloaded directly through the wireless.

There will probably be a few days to a few weeks* until Bane of Souls is out at other major retailers, but all that should be automatic. Happily, this means I can get back to writing Altmortis (which will be a bit grimmer than Bane of Souls) and start trying to do some marketing and persuade more people to buy Bane of Souls.

So, if you bought it and liked it, please do let like-minded friends know it's worth a try and perhaps write a review. The biggest challenge facing new authors is actually getting noticed as there are so many books out, and it can really help if honest reviews point out strengths and weaknesses, and word of mouth can play a big role in garnering interest.

*Just checked and Bane of Souls has also just come out at the Diesel eBook Store in the ePub format (which is used by most eReaders, except the Kindle). You can buy it here.



  1. TheEye (who you also know as GeoffM from Gibraltar on has had an absolutely marvellous time reading Bane of Souls.

    I haven't written a review but I have recommended it to the small readership of my blog here.

    Hope you don't mind because it's a cracking read. Good effort.

  2. Thanks very much, Mr. Eye/M :)

    I greatly appreciate the recommendation and am really glad that you liked it.

    Hopefully when Altmortis comes out you'll like that just as much. At this early stage (about a fifth into the first draft) it has fewer jokes, but more lesbian cannibals.

  3. ...but more lesbian cannibals

    Are you SeanT in disguise?

  4. "... about a fifth into the first draft ..."

    Dear God! Finger out, Thaddeus, please. Your admiring public is waiting (and don't forget the damn maps, this time).

  5. Argh, I'm being attacked by a grumpy llama!

    If it makes you feel any better I've made a bit of progress lately, and am now a third of the way through the first draft.

    The second draft will need some work, though. I'm a bit rubbish at continuity and have (weirdly for a writer) a tendency to brevity, so draft 2 tends to involve filling in gaps and expounded at greater length on this and that.

    Not started on the map(s) yet, because I might change the route and even if I don't it'll be easier to visualise the map after I've written the journey. I have done a bit of work on the font, though. If I make it a Kuhrisch-made map then it'll be all straight lines (like runes).