Saturday, 17 December 2011

Return of the Death Star and other ramblings

One of the blogs I enjoyed reading,, went dormant recently. However, I’m glad to report that it has since erupted back to life and is now, once more, liquifying boredom in the lava of mirth.

In entirely unrelated news, here are some little tips that apparently help reduce the lag bug that afflicts some PS3 copies of Skyrim:

Turn off autosave

Try and keep 2GB or more of hard drive space free

Sometimes waiting (in-game) for a while can help

I think the above reduce the problem rather than solve it entirely.

Been making some progress with the general plot outline of the (probable) next book I’ll be writing. It’ll be more tightly focused than Bane of Souls because of its nature (a small group of people hunting down a gang of treasure-seekers who are in a remote location). After Christmas I’ll try and make some progress on finding a cover artist (assuming I ever get that reply I need), and maybe ask for Bane of Souls and Book II at the same time, to cut the delay for the second book. Of course, this will mean thinking up a title and cover image before completely finishing the text.

With luck, once I get the reply (and the cover art, obviously) it won’t take too long to get it released.


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