Monday, 21 November 2011

Searching for cover art

Still not settled on a name (to be honest, I spent most of the weekend pondering Christmas gifts rather than trying to decide on one), though Bane of Souls or The Beast Within sound like potential titles.

I also need to decide on a cover, in terms of both content and trying to pick an artist. Technically, an e-book doesn’t really need a cover but I think it definitely adds something, if only avoiding an unsightly blank space where a picture ought to be when people are browsing.

Particular challenges for e-book covers are that they need to be ok in colour and black and white (colour for browsing, black and white for the e-reader) and look ok as a thumbnail as well as full-size.

I’ve already made a conscious decision to avoid the Man In A Dark Hooded Robe stereotype, and there are one or two potential cover pictures I have in mind. I’ll make a firm decision on that (and, obviously, the title) prior to selecting an artist.

There are a few sites that can be checked for artists, and I had a quick look at the Deviant Art site on Sunday. There are some very impressive pieces, though I do wonder how much a commission would be. Along with all the other technical things (I had the horrid realisation over the weekend that I need to find out where things would stand regarding tax/self-employment) that need sorting prior to publication I’ve been considering creating a small new website dedicated to the book, and future releases. It would be updated on a far less regular basis than this blog, but would provide a handy repository for information regarding books, forthcoming releases and so on. I’ve even considered commissioning a few pieces of art; one for the cover and a few of key moments in the plot which could be added to the prospective site.

However, the order of things to happen has the title first, and then either approaching an artist or two for quotes or seeing how tax matters stand. Then there’s formatting, finding out about ISBN, and looking at how Smashwords and Amazon work for publishing. Grah. I really hate this sort of thing, and have to keep forcing myself to work on it. On the plus side, the entire book is done.


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