Friday, 22 April 2011

Link hunting

Ahead of the new Dr Who series, which starts tomorrow, I thought I’d better get a bit of house-keeping done and enlarge my slightly diminutive link list. Almost all those I’m adding are authors whose work I very much enjoy, with the exception of Sacred Texts, which is an excellent online archive that I heartily recommend. - the site of the author of The First Law Trilogy, Best Served Cold, The Heroes, and Erotic Gnomes Through The Ages. [I may have made the last part up]. - the blog of George RR Martin, the closest thing to a modern day Tolkien there is. [Actually, I prefer A Song of Ice and Fire to Lord of the Rings]. - the site belonging to the author of the Tales of the Ketty Jay. When I checked it last, he indicated parts 3 and 4 would be out shortly. - not updated for a little while as he’s taking a bit of a break, but I hope Mr. Lynch gets back to writing soon. - author of the Sharpe novels, and the nigh on perfect Warlord Chronicles, amongst many other things. - this is actually the site of Toby Frost, intrepid author extraordinaire, rather than Space Captain Smith himself. - as mentioned above, this is an excellent site where you can find tons of classical, arcane and religious texts for free. - writer of historical novels, including the Emperor series that covers Julius Caesar and the Conqueror series involving Genghis Khan. - aka Megan Lindholm. I loved the Farseer and Tawny Man Trilogies and, heaving bookshelves and almost comically long to-read list permitting, will buy more of her stuff. - Mr Knox is a globe-trotting thriller writer with a penchant for gory delights and whining about the weather.


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