Friday, 28 January 2011

The First Post

Welcome to Thaddeus the Sixth's blog, a new corner of the interweb written by myself, an aspiring author.

I'll be blogging about the delights and challenges of writing, sci-fi and fantasy and history and science. The blog will shortly be festooned with a variety of posts, including book, TV, film and videogame reviews, pieces about current events (when scientific/historical matters occur, anyway), and, the primary focus of the blog, writing and related topics.

In time, I hope to release an eBook through the blog. I'm presently nearly halfway through the first draft, so if all goes well it may ready this year (yes, that is trouser-explodingly exciting news, isn't it?).

I'm not going to have an arbitrary timetable of blogposts. So, expect it to be busy if the Doctor gets killed by the daleks, a complete copy of Polybius' works is unearthed in Istanbul and I get an obscenely generous publishing deal on the same day.

Anyway, that explains the blog and a little about me.

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