Lore - Realms


The Kingdom of Denland 
Denland suffered greatly in the last war, fought 10 years ago against Felaria. Already on the back foot, the Kuhrisch then ambushed the King and the heir to the throne, killing both and leaving the kingdom in a perilous position. In return for surrendering the city of Highford, the Felarians agreed to make peace with Denland and to fight against the Kuhrisch.

It is something of a patchwork kingdom, including a number of different peoples. Half the kingdom is made up of the shires, who sometimes consider themselves the only true Dennishmen. The northern folk of the White Stag Mountains and The Mere are kin to one another, and the people of Ashcombe are thought to be descendents of Jerans, shiremen and northern folk. The Dennish also have a small city, Waldean, on Cara’s Rock and hold sway over The Fettered Isles to the southeast.

The kingdom has been ruled for a decade by the Regent, the Duke of Esden, but now young King William is old enough to take the reins of power. If his uncle lets him…

Denland also shares a border with savage and strange Hykirlund, to the south, and with the Aralla on Cara’s Rock. It trades freely with the Kuhrland and Felaria, and occasionally with the Hykirs and the Republic of Jera, a prosperous but insular island to the east. 

The Kingdom of Felaria 
Felaria is similar in many ways to Denland, as it shares the same church and its people are broadly similar. However, their skin is darker (the colour of tea) and they find the Dennish taste for smoking and bloodsports, particularly cockfighting, distasteful.

Felaria is roughly twice the size of Denland, and shares a border, to the north, with the Steinland. It is rare for the kingdom to be at peace with all of its neighbours, and it has enjoyed a long period of expansion and military triumphs.

The Kuhrland
(The) Kuhrland refers to both the lion’s share of the country and the country itself. Unlike Felaria or Denland there is no central authority or king. Instead the nation is governed by a system of honour, immutable laws (the Law of Gods and the Law of Men, governing spiritual and temporal matters) and the judgement of the Godi and elders.

A northern land, it is far colder than Felaria or Denland, and as a result its tall people have become somewhat inured to the cold. They possess unsurpassed knowledge of smithcraft and are ferocious in battle. Whilst most of the sprawling country is located across the sea from Felaria and Denland there is a small portion of the Kuhrland which shares a land border with those two kingdoms, named (The) Steinland. 

Hykirlund is a large, unmapped and fractious land populated by constantly warring clans, each led by a khagan. They enjoy raiding the Denland to the north (mostly Fenshire and The Fettered Isles) and Felaria to the west, but rarely pose a serious threat to either kingdom.

They have a third eye, with which they can transfix foes and thus slay them easily. They also use a strange kind of magic, involving tattoos of their own blood, to bind stolen women to them as slaves.

Cara’s Rock
A large island to the northeast of Denland. The Dennish have claimed a small portion of the island and built there the small fortified city of Waldean. Most of the Rock is held by the strange Aralla; short man-like creatures that have bone for skin and whose faces are utterly plain. Those that trade with the Dennish paint eyes and a mouth on their faces to try and make their counterparts feel more at ease.

The Republic of Jera
Situated on a single large island east of Ashbury, Jera is populated by people alike in pallor and height to the Kuhrisch, but (unlike the Kuhrisch) they are naturally disposed towards magical ability. Although not followers of the Divine, their insular and peaceful way of life means Jera has not been at war for many centuries.


  1. Just finished 'Bane of Souls', thanks.

    Unsure if this is the correct place to put this, but thanks for a riveting read. One of the best uses for a quid I have found for some time.

    I particularly like the fact you are more than willing to kill off major characters that the reader has developed sympathy with - harsh, but very effective. I've lots more comments, but this is probably not the place...

    I did the quiz afterwards as well. A nice touch.

  2. I'm very glad you enjoyed it.

    I must admit, I dislike books filled with tremendous danger where one person gets a flesh wound and everybody else is fine. A book about murdering's got to have a bit of, well, murdering.

    This is a perfectly good place for such comments, but of course you can put them in a review if you prefer.

    How well did you do on the quiz?